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Affiliate Program


1. What is an Affiliate Program?
An affiliate program is the all-encompassing package we create for our products that is then presented to user (potential publishers). It should include details about the product, the retail value of the product, commission levels and promotional materials.

2. How do we track publisher sales activity?
Every publisher has a unique publisher ID, which is used in tracking cookies to record which publisher generates what sales. This activity can then be viewed within the affiliate dashboard.

3. What are the advantages to join as an affiliate (publishers)?
Affiliates can makes money 24/7 – Websites and blogs are visible all day long, so publishers can earn income even while sleeping. No risks – since publishers don't need to invest money in this scheme, they also don't have risks. No need for a warehouse – Affiliate marketing is similar to the e-Commerce business model.

4. What percentage will the affiliate earn from each transaction?
Affiliate commission rate is 3% from the total amount of success transaction.

5. Who can join as an affiliate (publishers)?
Everyone can join the affiliate program at by register as our member first. Register Here.

6. How to join as an affiliate (publishers)?
By registering to member as user and/or Agent. Login to your account and in the edit account section, apply to become an affiliate. When registering, the user must complete the form and follow the written conditions. You must agree with our Affiliate Terms to join our Affiliate programs.



To join Affiliate program, you must join membership. Go to top right header and click “Register”.

Pop up registration form will appear. You require to fill in the form and accept the Terms of Services to continue. You can choose either “Agent” or “User” as customer group. If you choose as “Agent” there will be additional documents required and we will review before we can activate your membership account. If you choose as “User” your membership account will be activated automatically.

After login, go to top right header menu “Account > Edit Account”. On your dashboard click on the menu “Register for An Affiliate Account”.


Affiliate Form will appear and you require to fill in all the form fields as complete as possible.

Company: Your store or company name. (if have)
Address: Your complete address. Please give your detail address with postal code, etc.
Photo with ID: Upload your portrait photo holding your Legal ID card. Be sure that your card detail clear to read and not covering your face. Example below: (sample photo edited for security reason)


Website: Your website address information. (if have)
Choose your tracking code: Unique code that will be used as your affiliate link id.
Tax ID: Your tax id number. Not mandatory but will very useful for tax report purpose.
Payment Method: Please choose “Bank Transfer” as currently we only can process payout by bank transfer method.
Bank Name: Your Bank account name.
ABA/BSB Number: Your Bank branch number. (not mandatory)
SWIFT Code: Your Bank Swift code. It is very necessary specially for international bank transfer process.
Account Name: Your name as bank account holder.
Account Number: Your Bank account number.

You will require to read and accept the Affiliate Terms before continue to submit your Affiliate application.

You will receive email notification to inform that your affiliate program application has been received but still on review process. Please wait for up to 2 business days for us to review and approve your affiliate account.

After your affiliate program application has been approved, you can login to your account, go to menu “Custom Affiliate Tracking Code” to start generate affiliate link of any products that you want to promote.

In Affiliate Tracking Form, leave the Tracking code because you already define before during affiliate registration process.

In Tracking Link Generator field, type any keyword of the product that you like to promote. You can select the product from the auto-complete list that appear.

Tracking Link will be automatically generated that you can used to promote on your website, social media and any other platform you have.

If there is any transaction successfully completed from your referral link, you will receive email notification that you have receive commission.

You can check your commission from your account page. Go to menu “Your Transactions”.

In the Transaction page choose Display Transactions as “Affiliate”. There you can see the list of every successfully transaction from your affiliate link and the amount of commission for every transaction. Your balance will be kept until you reach the minimum amount for commission payout as arranged the details in Affiliate Terms.

For any further information please email us at