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High Performance AXIS Dyno VX-12

High Performance AXIS Dyno VX-12
High Performance AXIS Dyno VX-12

Today’s motorcycles have primary and secondary fuel injectors, throttle control, ram air intakes, exhaust output control, launch and shift control, individual fuel and timing maps, etc. A new kind of dynamometer is required to handle these innovations. The High Performance Axis Dyno delivers unique features allowing the motorcycle dyno to produce track running conditions to fully analyze a vehicle to the exact detail.

- Maximum Torque: 1000 ft-lb (higher available)
- Wheel Base: 40 in - 84 in (longer available)
- Drum Size: 18 in diameter, 12 in width
- Maximum Vehicle Weight: N/A
- Inertia Adjustability: 250 lbs – 950 lbs
- Power Requirements: 120 volt
- Dimensions: 38”W x 114”L x 50”H (95 x 285 x 125 cm)
- Dynamometer Weight: Approximately 1200lbs (544 kg)

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  • Stock: Pre-Order
  • Model: 94101-UNV72-TOOLS
  • Weight: 564.00kg
  • Dimensions: 285.00cm x 125.00cm x 95.00cm