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TDR Cylinder Block Kit 54.5MM (130 CC) For New Beat FI with Injector + Spark Plug
Brand: TDR Model: PAKET-K8101-INSP
   Advantages of Cylinder Block Assy: - Liner’s wall is made of high quality material to ensure the durability met the high performance level of standard. - When the piston is worn but the liner’s wall is thick enough for the cylinder to be coltered, simply just replace the pi..
   Contents of the package1x TDR Racing Disc Rotor 188MM1x TDR High Performance Disc Pad Front1x RPD Master Brake Pump-Clutch Assy 1001x TDR Brake Hose Black Carbon 35 Inch..
Brand: KOSO Model: 41202-HMC57-DK627
  - Increase engine’s ability to accelerate and upper rotation by supplying higher amount of air compared to standard air filter. - Greater ability to contain dust particles compared to standard air filter that enables engine’s performance to maintain stability..
Brand: TDR Model: 41401-1S701
  Advantages of TDR Pilot Jet and Main Jet: - Designed with precision hole. - Developed by high grade material not easy to eroded, perfect for induction tune up. - Available for Keihin & Mikuni carburetor model. - TDR Pilot Jet & Main Jet has been used by international ..
RPD Idle Speed Control (ISC) For Beat Fi ESP / Vario 125 / Vario 150
Brand: RPD Model: 47000-K4477-ISCRD
  DOWNLOAD E-FLYER RPD Idle Speed Control equipped with advanced technology to constantly monitor and adjust engine idle speed, offers unparalleled performance and reliability.This Idle Speed Control is designed to keep your engine running at peak efficiency, preventing rou..
Brand: RPD Model: 71400-ALL77-MBST
  DOWNLOAD E-FLYER Advantages- Made of Forged Aluminium Alloy.- Hard-Anodized Surface increase corrosion resistance and surface hardness.- Improve Stopping Power and Strength.- Oil Tube Thread 10mm.- Universal fit for most motorcycles with 22mm handlebar diameter.Color Opti..
Brand: RPD Model: 45000-K4477-TB2
  DOWNLOAD E-FLYER SUBSTITUTION Throttle body is part of injection system that manage air flow into combustion room and controlled by throttle pos.Diameter size is modification standard that used in all racing events in Asia.Made with butterfly system which suitable for ra..
Brand: RPD Model: 46000-K4477-TPS
  DOWNLOAD E-FLYER Advantages RPD Throttle Position Sensor- Faster Response Time- Accurate synchronization with RPD Throttle Body- Water resistant electronic compartment..
Brand: TDR Model: PAKET-PAA1B-81013
  Include in Package:1x TDR All New Pulley Assy V.231x TDR Roller CVT Set 13GR1x TDR CVT Spring 1000 RPM1x TDR Spark Plug Twin Iridium 085RT..
Brand: TDR Model: 33301-K2501-TDR23
  DOWNLOAD E-FLYER Advantages TDR Pulley Assy- Pulley Assy design with special angle improved rotation of belt for acceleration purposes- Made with high quality material makes roller easy to move and increase accelerationApplicable For : Beat Fi ESP 2015 - 2019, Scoopy..
Brand: TDR Model: 71330-ALL01-35BCL
  DOWNLOAD E-FLYER SUBSTITUTION Advantages of TDR Brake Hose - Designed to fit specific vehicles - Prevents loss of brake fluid - Eliminates spongy feeling - Optimises braking performance - Ensures safety and provides riding confidence - Accurate and precise braking ..
Brand: TDR Model: 71330-ALL01-35CL
  DOWNLOAD E-FLYER SUBSTITUTION Advantages of TDR Brake Hose Colour 35 Inch - Developed with high quality stainless steel material that doesn’t change shape even on high preassure from master pump. - Can used for high temperature condition and still steady.Available Colo..
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