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Speedometer & Digital Meter

Koso Voltmeter Super Slim Style Dc 6.0-19.9v
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-V619
The new super slim volt meter comes with the low voltage warning, so it will warn you when the battery is wrong. The digital display is more precise than the traditional meter, and it will be easier for you to notice the problem of the battery in the very beginning. Color: 25102-ALL57-V619R (..
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-T120
The super slim style series comes with the all new design meter case which is slim and water resistant. The slim body design allows you to install the meter on the bike easily. The digital display design offer you a precise information, so you could monitor your engine better. Color: 25102..
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-PTM
Koso Power Test Meter is designed just for racing. The POWER TEST functions could Provide you all the information you need for motorcycle-tunning. All you need is set the distance as the race, and then practice & adjust your motorcycle to the best situation. The speed up test provid..
Koso Plug & Play Meter with 8 Color Backlight for MX King 150
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-3KA57-BA530
Advantages of KOSO Speedometer MX KING - Ability to read Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) by using LED Bar. - Equipped with AFR and Engine's Heat Sensor to detect engine's condition. - Features 15.000 Maximum RPM and 360 km/h Maximum Speed. - Equipped with Gear Display to monitors engine's conditi..
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-M3A
The meter is designed for using it on the 2 stroke race bike or the snowmobile for the customer to adjust the carburetor or the injection system.  The BOSCH wide band sensor is the best wide band sensor used on all the race track and testing laboratory.  The air/fuel ratio..
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-6700
i-Gear Voltmeter - Display range DC7.0~19.9V - If volt power under 12V, light will blink - Waterproof - Sporty Look Color: 25102-ALL57-67R00 (RED LIGHT) 25102-ALL57-67B00 (BLUE LIGHT)..
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-6710
i-Gear Temperature - Display range 0~120ᴼC. - If temperature reach more than 120ᴼC light will blink. - Waterproof. - Sporty Look. Color: 25102-ALL57-67R10 (RED LIGHT) 25102-ALL57-67B10 (BLUE LIGHT)..
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-A486W
Advantages of Koso GPII Style Meter: - Auto-scan function, the meter will scan when you turn on your machine. - Illuminated needle and dial is much easily for you to read in night...
Koso GP Style Speedometer 0-360 km/h with 8 Colours Backlight for MIO 110
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-5TL57-BA516
Advantages of Koso GP Style Speedometer for Mio 110 - New Design equipped with Tachometer up to 15,000RPM gives accurate information of your engine rotation. - Display engine temperature accurately up to 120 Celsius degree. - Display Speed meter up to 360kmh. - Equipped with A/F Ratio, Cloc..
Koso GP Style Speedometer 0-360 km/h with 8 Colours Backlight for LC135 / Jupiter MX 135
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-55S57-BA521
Advantages of Koso GP Style Speedometer for LC135 / Jupiter MX 135 - New design for Yamaha Jupiter mx135. - Accurate information of Engine rotation with Tachometer. - Display Speed meter up to 360kmh. - Equipped with A/F Ratio, Clock, Voltmeter (Display battery condition). - Adjustable 8 colour..
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-BA521
Injection modification bike needs display panel that can monitor all performance systems. KOSO EFI Multi meter is all in 1  device to display important information such as: RPM (Rotation Per Minute), Engine Temperature, AFR - Air Fuel Ratio (Narrow Band), Volt Meter, Shift Light and Time Clock...
Brand: KOSO Model: 25102-ALL57-RX1N
- Just the right size & shape designed for ATV & Motorcycle.  - With the up to 15,000 RPM tachometer & the illuminated needle, you could read the information easily even in the night.  - With the MAX power test , you could check the top speed your machine could reac..
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