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Brand: HYPERPRO Model: 51100-2MS66-YA300
THE HYPERPRO SHOCK Hyperpro is offering a basic emulsion shock with rebound adjustment, to give you maximum comfort. The next step in our productrange is a shock which is fully adjustable. Due to the reservoir it is possible to also adjust the compression damping on high and low speed. This will gi..
HYPERPRO Steering Damper 68MM Linear Titanium
Brand: HYPERPRO Model: 52300-ALL66-D68NR
CSC Steering Dampers A Hyperpro steering damper reduces this kind of risk to a bare minimum. Tank slappers and vibrations are intercepted by the damper. As a result, you have a bike that steers the way you’re used to and reacts the way you’d hope for in unexpected circumstances. The CSC (Constant S..
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