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Koso Temperature Sensor 0-250c

Koso Temperature Sensor 0-250c
Koso Temperature Sensor 0-250c

This Koso Temperature Sensor for all radiator hoses with diameters between 14mm and 26mm comes in handy in case the thread of your thermometer does not fit. It can be used with Stage6 multimeters or Koso thermometers / multimeters (old models with black connection).

25102-ALL57-BF030 (PT1/8X28)
25102-ALL57-BF180 (M18XP1.5)
25102-ALL57-BF160 (M16XP1.5)
25102-ALL57-BF401 (M14XP1.5)
25102-ALL57-BF140 (M14XP1.25)
25102-ALL57-BF120 (M12XP1.5)
25102-ALL57-BF101 (M10XP1.25)
25102-ALL57-BF100 (M10XP1.0)

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  • Stock: 8
  • Model: 25102-ALL57-BF
  • Weight: 0.04kg
  • Dimensions: 12.00cm x 6.80cm x 3.00cm

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