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Chain Lube

Brand: VROOAM Model: 91400-ALL67-63908
DESCRIPTION - Special viscous synthetic lubricant in combination with selected additives to ensure increased protection, increased lubrication and increased lubrication interval up to twice as conventional chain lubes. - Extreme adhesion and will therefore operate perfect in high speed race condi..
Brand: VROOAM Model: 91400-ALL67-63904
DESCRIPTION - Reduces friction and loss of power. - Increases chain life. - Water and corrosion resistant. - Compatible for O/X/Z rings and keeps them supple. - High penetration power. - Virtually doesn’t fling off. - Transparent colour. - Will not attract dirt to the chain. - Suitable for ..
Brand: VROOAM Model: 91400-ALL67-63905
DESCRIPTION - Special lubrication additives ensure increased protection with up to twice the operational performance of the chains and increased lubrication intervals. - Extreme adhesion and will therefore operate perfect in road-race conditions. - Increased application intervals. - Practically ..
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