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VROOAM Clear Tack Racing Chain Lube

VROOAM Clear Tack Racing Chain Lube
VROOAM Clear Tack Racing Chain Lube

- Special viscous synthetic lubricant in combination with selected additives to ensure increased protection,
increased lubrication and increased lubrication interval up to twice as conventional chain lubes.
- Extreme adhesion and will therefore operate perfect in high speed race conditions.
- Increased application intervals.
- Practically impossible to throw off.
- Good penetration.
- Effectively protects against rust.
- Highly resistant against washing off (driving through rain, washing etc).
- Protects 0/X/Z rings, keeps them supple.
- Suitable for Hobbies / Modification.

100% synthetic high performance long-lasting adhesive high speed racing chain lube. Especially recommended for karts and (endurance) road race motorcycles.
Clear tack racing chain lube has excellent penetration- and lubrication properties and sticks to the chain. Contains anti-wear additives and reduces rolling resistance and secures lubrication properties under high temperatures and pressures.
Clear Tack Racing Chain Lube is water and rust resistant, protects the O/X/Z rings and keeps them supple.

- Shake aerosol before use.
- Spray the inner side of the chain in its full length and keep the outside chain links greasy.

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  • Model: 91400-ALL67-63908
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  • Dimensions: 6.50cm x 6.50cm x 21.00cm