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Lubricating Oil

Brand: VROOAM Model: 91400‐ALL67‐63971
Synthetic White Assembly Lube​ Synthetic oil compound with a high solid lubricant content. Designed for use as an assembly lubricant for lubricating bushes, sliding surfaces, and small open plastic or metal gears. It is also an anti-seize compound for threaded fasteners. The compound is designed ..
Brand: VROOAM Model: 91400‐ALL67‐63925
Lubricating oil including PTFE, provides excellent lubrication, reduces wear and friction for easy rotation performance at high temperatures. This lubricant can handle high pressure loads and won’t fling off quickly from high-speed rotating equipment. Protects against corrosion and is water resistan..
Brand: VROOAM Model: 91400‐ALL67‐63924
DESCRIPTION - Lubricates cables, brake and clutch mechanisms. - Protects metal surfaces against corrosion with a ”self-healing” transparent protective film that closes immediately again after being touched. - Prevents and displaces humidity in electric circuits. APPLICATION For maintenance, c..
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