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TDR Racing Piston Kit Mio

TDR Racing Piston Kit Mio
TDR Racing Piston Kit Mio

Advantages of Racing Dome Piston Kit TDR :
- Forged piston designed with forging method that can make material more solid without any pores in whole material.
- Provide improvement wear resistance when in high temperature combustion engine.

Size :
13111-5TL01-72T (72 MM)
13111-5TL01-71T (71 MM)
13111-5TL01-70T (70 MM)
13111-5TL01-69T (69 MM)
13111-5TL01-6650T (66.50 MM)
13111-5TL01-6550T (65.50 MM)
13111-5TL01-6450T (64.50 MM)
13111-5TL01-6350T (63.50 MM)
13111-5TL01-59T (59 MM)
13111-5TL01-585T (58.5 MM)
13111-5TL01-575T (57.5 MM)
13111-5TL01-56T (56 MM)
13111-5TL01-55T (55 MM)
13111-5TL01-54T (54 MM)

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  • Stock: 25
  • Model: 13111-5TL01
  • Weight: 0.39kg
  • Dimensions: 18.00cm x 15.00cm x 9.00cm

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