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Ring Piston Only TDR RXK

Ring Piston Only TDR RXK
Ring Piston Only TDR RXK

Advantages of TDR Piston Ring
- Engineered from motorsport division, designed precise for high compression needed even on extreme temperature.
- Coated with titanium coating material reduce frictional force inside cylinder block liner.
- TDR Piston Ring has been used by international racing team.

- Standard (13113‐3KA01‐STDRX)
- 0.25 (13113‐3KA01‐025RX)
- 0.50 (13113‐3KA01‐050RX)
- 0.75 (13113‐3KA01‐075RX)
- 1.00 (13113‐3KA01‐100RX)
- 1.25 (13113‐3KA01‐125RX)
- 1.50 (13113‐3KA01‐150RX)
- 1.75 (13113‐3KA01‐175RX)
- 2.00 (13113‐3KA01‐200RX)

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  • Stock: 90
  • Model: 13113‐3KA01‐RX
  • Weight: 0.02kg
  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 9.00cm x 2.00cm

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