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TDR Roller CVT Set for N-Max / Aerox (NVX) 155 / New Mio 125 / Cygnus

TDR Roller CVT Set for N-Max / Aerox (NVX) 155 / New Mio 125 / Cygnus
TDR Roller CVT Set for N-Max / Aerox (NVX) 155 / New Mio 125 / Cygnus


TDR New Generation Roller for original speed variators.

TDR New Generation Roller made of CPT with specific formula and bear the relative basic weight on one side. TDR New Generation Roller represent a technical spare part for the original one, in a complete series is calibration elements capable of varying you scooter's transmission ratio and the picking up.

Operation: Due to the rotation the weight of the rolls becomes centrifugal force; the higher the roll's weight, the lower the gear change time and vice versa.

Variator Calibration: To optimize your engine's performances adopt rolls that in operation maintain the engine in the highest power rotation regime. By decrease the rolls weight the engine rises the RPM; on the contrary by increasing the rolls' weight the RPM decrease.

Advantages of Roller CVT Set TDR:
- Made from teflon material with high precision engine manufacturing to increase power.
- Engineered with precision engine manufacturing for increase acceleration.
- Proven on Java-Bali event travel distance more than 3.000 kilometre non-stop.

Weight Available (Gram):
33202-2DP01-N7GR (7GR / FJ665070)
33202-2DP01-N8GR (8GR / FJ665080)
33202-2DP01-N9GR (9GR / FJ665090)
33202-2DP01-N10GR (10GR / FJ665100)
33202-2DP01-N11GR (11GR / FJ665110)
33202-2DP01-N12GR (12GR / FJ665120)
33202-2DP01-N13GR (13GR / FJ665130)
33202-2DP01-N14GR (14GR / FJ665140)
33202-2DP01-N15GR (15GR / FJ665150)
33202-2DP01-N16GR (16GR / FJ665160)
33202-2DP01-N17GR (17GR / FJ665170)
33202-2DP01-N18GR (18GR / FJ665180)

Download the ROLLER application use table HERE.

Power Clutch Transmission & CVT

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  • Model: 33202-2DP01-NGR
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Dimensions: 8.00cm x 13.50cm x 2.50cm

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