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TDR Roller CVT Set for Suzuki Nex / Address

TDR Roller CVT Set for Suzuki Nex / Address
TDR Roller CVT Set for Suzuki Nex / Address



TDR Roller for original speed variators, made of CPT with specific formula and bear the relative basic weight on one side. TDR Roller available in a complete series calibration elements capable of varying you scooter's transmission ratio and the picking up.

Advantages of Roller CVT Set TDR
- Made from teflon material with high precision engine manufacturing to increase acceleration.
- Roller path development ensures faster roller movement for maximum acceleration.
- Adjustment on pulley angle to maximize cvt belt movement for highest rotation.
- Proven on Java-Bali event travel distance more than 3.000 kilometer non-stop.

Weight Available (Gram):
33202-SOG01-09GR (9GR)
33202-SOG01-10GR (10GR)
33202-SOG01-11GR (11GR)
33202-SOG01-12GR (12GR)

Power Clutch Transmission & CVT

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  • Stock: 20
  • Model: 33202-SOG01
  • Weight: 0.09kg
  • Dimensions: 8.00cm x 2.50cm x 13.50cm

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