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TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L

TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L
TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L
TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L
TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L
TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L
TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L
TDR Tires Explore 120/70-13 53S T/L



Advantages of TDR Explore Sport & Touring Tires:
- Multi-layered compound that ensures sufficient grip, lasting mileage and safe driving in any environment.
- Code S = high speed use (180 km/h).
- Soft Compound
- SNI Certified

Suitable For : N-Max (F), All New N-Max (F)

Nett Weight: 3,752 gr

For Motorcycle Daily
Type Tubeless

1. Why should I choose TDR tires ? What are their advantages ?
TDR tires are designed for high-speed performance and come with an S speed index (180 km/h). TDR focuses on delivering a unique driving experience, and its products are aimed at customer satisfaction through research and development.

2. Can TDR tires be used on any motorcycle ?
Yamaha: All New N-Max, N-Max, All New Aerox, Aerox, X-Max 250
Honda: PCX 160, ADV 150, ADV 160, Forza
SYM: SYM 250i

3. Where are TDR tires produced ?
They are manufactured in Indonesia, with production facilities closely monitored by TDR during development.

4. Do TDR tires come with a warranty ?
Yes, they come with a 1-month warranty for any bulges found during use. The warranty does not cover physical damage like punctures or tears.

5. How can I buy TDR tires online ?
You can purchase them through the MITRA2000 store on Tokopedia and Shopee, as well as on

6. If I want to buy them offline, which stores sell genuine TDR tires ?
You can buy them through the one team network in your city.

7. Do resellers of TDR tires receive special pricing ?
You can contact 0813-1970-2000 for more information about becoming a reseller.

8. There are numbers and letters on TDR tires. How do I read these codes ?
For example: 120/70-13 M/C 53S. 120 is the tire width, 70 is the aspect ratio, 13 is the wheel size, M/C indicates it's a motorcycle tire, 53 is the load index, and S is the speed index.

9. Is it true that using nitrogen is better than regular air for TDR tires ?
Nitrogen is recommended because regular air can expand when exposed to heat, causing tire pressure to increase.

10. What is the recommended tire pressure for TDR tires with air/nitrogen ?
It's recommended to have 29 PSI for the front tire and 31 PSI for the rear tire.

11. How often should I check the tire pressure for TDR tires ?
For normal usage, you should check it once a month. If your motorcycle is rarely used, check it every two weeks.

12. What are the signs that it's time to replace TDR tires ?
Many patches, tread wear is significant, the centerline is worn out.

13. How long do TDR tires last in terms of mileage and lifespan ?
It depends on maintenance and usage. However, on average, you can replace the front tire twice for every rear tire replacement.

14. Does driving habits and road conditions affect the durability of TDR tires ?
TDR Explore tires are designed for on-road/asphalt use, and usage outside of these conditions will affect tire performance.

15. Can I buy TDR tires and install them myself ?
Yes, you can, but you should take them to a tire installation shop with a tire changer.

16. If a TDR tire gets a puncture from a nail, can it be patched ?
Yes, it can be patched or you can use tire sealant, but both of these options may reduce tire performance.

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  • Model: 61304-2DP01-1270N
  • Weight: 6.50kg
  • Dimensions: 50.00cm x 50.00cm x 15.00cm
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