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VROOAM Multi Purpose Lubricant

VROOAM Multi Purpose Lubricant
VROOAM Multi Purpose Lubricant

- Lubricates cables, brake and clutch mechanisms.
- Protects metal surfaces against corrosion with a ”self-healing” transparent protective film that closes immediately again after being touched.
- Prevents and displaces humidity in electric circuits.

For maintenance, care and protection. Penetrating fluid with dewatering properties for displacement of moisture from engines, ignitions and electrical contacts. Loosens, cleans, lubricates inaccessible mechanisms and protects metal surfaces against corrosion and moisture.

- Shake aerosol before use.
- Apply on clean and dry surfaces.
- Not aggressive to lacquer, rubber and plastic materials.

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  • Model: 91410-ALL67-63924
  • Weight: 0.40kg
  • Dimensions: 6.50cm x 6.50cm x 21.00cm