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Brand: TDR Model: 85110-ALL01-HDBDL
Advantages of TDR Disc Lock : - With special design “Triangle Model” for fit perfectly in disc rotor. - Made with material Zink Alloy to increase strength from impact. - Developed with Press Down Locking system for easy installation on motorcycle. - Key designed with special model is not easy to..
Brand: TDR Model: 92300-ALL01-TSP0
TDR presents High Performance Gloves TDR Explorer. Excellent combination of durable titanium outer armour and smart closure system. Combines high function, safety and cost to provide the best quality products at the best prices!7 in 1 Features- Carbon Palm Slider Protection.- Super Titanium Knuckle ..
Brand: TDR Model: 63110-JBA01-428
Advantages of TDR Sprocket: - Improved durability more than 160% - Made from high quality material with precision engineering helping transfer engine power to wheel.- Available in various size sprocket. Available Teeth Size:63110-JBA01-42816 (16T)63110-JBA01-42815 (15T)63110-JBA01-42814 (14T)..
Brand: TDR Model: 37600-2DP01-NF516
Advantages of TDR Forging Oil Pump : - Pump more oil to component in cylinder head and make engine temperature more stable. - Designed to give more powerful oil pressure. - Made from special material with forged method to increase heat resistant...
Brand: TDR Model: 33106-2DP01-ALUBL
TDR Secondary Sliding Sheave function to increase speed changing stroke.  Make low speed power input early and extend end speed.Advantages1. Designed with strong and light aluminium material for lighter rotation.2. Available 2 profile setting to get different performance. Profile 1 “Straig..
TDR CVT Performance Kit for Yamaha N-MAX / AEROX (NVX) Bore Up 2
Brand: TDR Model: 33800-B6501-BOR2
TDR CVT Performance Kit is the solutions for acceleration with combination of precise Pulley, Roller and CVT Spring that will produce better acceleration. Advantages of TDR CVT Performance Kit: - Pulley designed to improve Horse Power on standard motorcycle. - CVT Spring load and Roller weight ..
TDR Connecting Rod Assy for Jupiter Z
Brand: TDR Model: 11105-5TP01-ASSY
Advantages of TDR Connecting Rod : - Made from high quality material with different length than standard, to improve peak power and acceleration. - Highly recommended for extreme bore up modification. - Designed precisely for high compression to cope extreme temperature. - Coated with special co..
Brand: TDR Model: 32102-KB201-HPTCT
Made from ceramic material that durable in high temperature and steady work in any condition. TDR Ceramic Clutch Plate already used by international racing team...
Brand: TDR Model: 71330-K7901-ABSBC
Advantages of TDR Brake Hose Black Carbon for New PCX 150 ABS​ - Designed to fit specific vehicles - Prevents loss of brake fluid - Eliminates spongy feeling - Optimises braking performance - Ensures safety and provides riding confidence - Accurate and precise braking control - High-quality b..
Brand: TDR Model: 33301-2DP01-TDR21
Advantages TDR Pulley Assy: - Pulley Assy design with special angle improved rotation of belt for acceleration purposes - Made with high quality material makes roller easy to move and increase acceleration - Material easy to release heat and more durable (3000 kilometer non-stop) Compatible Fo..
Brand: TDR Model: 98000-ALL01-038B
Smartphone Holder / Car and Table mount Holder designed with universal compatibility for 3 inch up to 6.5 inch smartphone size. Suitable for online meetings.FEATURESSilicone Suction Cup with Locking Lever : Thick silicone for shock-absorbance and strong grip.Rubber Grip : Rubber cushion to..
Brand: TDR Model: 92110-ALL01-C
  Features: 7 in 1 Style, Optically Correct, Multistep Shield Movement, Improve Absorption of Impact Force, Custom Weight, Removable & Washable Lining, Enhance Highspeed Stability (Rear Spoiler), High Speed Ventilation, Aero Speed Design, Quick Release Chin-belt, Adjustable Sun Shield ..
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