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YSS Twin Shock G-Racing Top Line TG362-300TRW For Aerox (NVX) 155

YSS Twin Shock G-Racing Top Line TG362-300TRW For Aerox (NVX) 155
YSS Twin Shock G-Racing Top Line TG362-300TRW For Aerox (NVX) 155


Basic Function of Suspension
- Safety: Proper suspension can increase safety because it reduces the risk of losing control of the vehicle when going over a pothole or making a sharp turn. The suspension also keeps the tires on the road properly. This helps prevent loss of traction and maximizes tire contact with the road surface.
- Improves Control: Suspension helps maintain vehicle stability and control. This reduces vibration or shock, so the motorbike can accelerate better.
- Better Driving Experience: Good suspension can improve rider and passenger comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations, thereby reducing discomfort during the trip.

Features and Advantages of YSS G-RACING
- High-Low Speed Compression Adjustable functions to regulate the pressure exerted in the suspension.
- Rebound Feature functions to regulate the return of the suspension from the depressed position to its original position. (Bounce position after receiving pressure). This also serves to prevent the rider from bouncing off the seat. Can be set 30 clicks.
- Equipped with a Threaded Spring Preload feature that functions to regulate SAG (the distance the suspension moves when the rider rides a motorbike when the feet are not touching the ground).
- Equipped with an adjustable length feature to increase the suspension height from normal size to 5mm. (Available for certain motorbikes)

The YSS G-RACING suspension warranty period is 2 years from purchase with applicable terms and conditions.

Product Code: TG362-300TRW-08-XD

Handling Suspension
Type Twin Shock
Series Silver Series
Shock Type G-RACING

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  • Model: 51300-B6505-GR3BR
  • Weight: 3.53kg
  • Dimensions: 45.00cm x 24.00cm x 7.50cm